The CRB Carpet Cleaner

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crb carpet cleaner

The CRB carpet cleaner

Designed to clean and lift the pile in one pass, the CRB carpet cleaner is the ‘go-to’ tool for the modern professional carpet cleaner. Using less water than traditional methods, it will leave your customers with a drier and more attractive floor, while saving you time and money.

The best thing about the crb carpet cleaner  is that it works for a variety of applications including hot water extraction (HWE), dry compound cleaning, scrubbing, encapsulation cleaning and low moisture carpet cleaning. The machine is a must for any commercial or residential cleaning operation that is looking to take their game to the next level.

It’s the newest and most advanced carpet cleaner on the market today. It features the industry’s only Renovator Technology that combines an array of smart technologies to make the cleaning process more efficient and effective.

The Benefits of Using a CRB Carpet Cleaner for Deep Cleaning and Restoration

The most important and patented component of the Renovator is the “Renovator” which is a stainless steel catch tray that mounts to the front and rear of the CRB and will remove the largest and smallest particles from your floors with ease.

A small footprint and lightweight construction makes it easy to move around even the most awkward areas of your business such as janitor’s closets or vans.

The machine is also very eco-friendly thanks to the use of a waterless detergent system that is safe to use on most surfaces. The machine is designed to be a long-lasting asset for any professional cleaning company.

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