Sinjin solves the Science of Self Improvement

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In The Art of Making You Believe, Sinjin solves the riddle of how to persuade your brain to think positive. The author, David Mcween, believes that we are being lead by “forces” on our minds and bodies that warp our perceptions and cause us to act in ways that are not in our best interests. By helping you unravel the mystery behind how we get so swayed by these forces, he hopes to give you the confidence to adopt a more assertive role in your life.

sinjin solves

At first glance, The Art of Making You Believe seems like simple common sense. The voiceover describes the process of converting what you think into what you feel and then feeling what you feel. Put another way, your thoughts become reality and what you perceive as reality becomes your reality.

The Science of Attraction and The Art of Sailing a Positive Boat is similar in concept to the Law of Attraction, although they are different in its application. One book is more concerned with activating the law through awareness and emotion than doing something about it. The other is more interested in using hypnosis and other visual-auditory techniques to make changes in your attitude. However, both books present useful information for changing your attitude toward life.

What Mr. Mcween has done is provide a short but insightful look at how the brain works. It explains the role that our beliefs and emotions play in causing our brains to function the way we do. It also explains how this relates to how you can use the power of your will to change those beliefs and emotions. Although he does not go into great detail, what he has presented is quite impressive.

Although this book may appear to deal mainly with the science of belief and nothing more, there are some interesting tangents. For example, he discusses how the power of the written word can be used to alter your mental state. He suggests that by reading a page of a book repeatedly you can change your mental condition. This is an interesting idea that deserves further study.

The Science of Self Improvement is informative, interesting, and even inspirational. However, like all of Erickson’s works, it does lack in scientific rigor. That said, it is still a very valuable book that could serve as a helpful guidebook for people who are trying to better themselves. If you want to learn more about this subject, my website contains many additional resources.

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