Pre-Spray For Carpet Cleaning

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prespray for carpet cleaning

Pre-spraying a prespray for carpet cleaning | TMF Store helps the cleaner loosen, suspend and emulsify soils prior to extraction cleaning. This technique often reduces the amount of chemical used and helps the carpet remain cleaner longer after a hot water extraction.

Depending on the soil load, you can use a milder or stronger prespray. A lighter dilution is usually recommended for normal maintenance cleans and a stronger prespray is needed for heavily soiled traffic lane areas or restorative cleaning jobs.

PROCYON Extreme!

This soap free and odor free PROCYON carpet concentrated Pre-Spray is the strongest carpet cleaning product on the market! It’s been used by professional carpet cleaners, professional building service contractors, school districts and homeowners around the world for over 36 years. It’s Certified Wool Safe and designed for your counter rotating brush (CRB) and all encapsulation cleaning systems!

Carpet Pre-Spray 101: What It Is and How to Use It for Optimal Cleaning

This commercial-grade prespray loosens and lifts ground in dirt. It also helps the carpet maintain its original cleanliness after extraction cleaning by forming a protective film.

Grease Eater 2x is a very powerful, yet gentle carpet cleaning chemical with Enzymes for grease, oil and protein stains. This high pH carpet cleaning prespray was invented for restaurant carpet and synthetic furniture but works great on any soiled carpet or “caked” up spots and stains!


This powerful All-Spray concentrate is an effective pre-spray that can be used as a Hot Water Extraction, Very Low Moisture and Dry Compound cleaner. It also works as a spot remover that dries fast and leaves no sticky residue behind. It’s CRI certified and Green Seal approved and is Wool-Safe.

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